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The day before yesterday I got a dancemat for stepmania wohoooo!

It's fun to play against a friend, but it's extremely exhausting!

Do you have any experience with those mats?

I just need some advice, since I oftenly loose the keys during gameplay :D

btw: Thanks for your support :D
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I just got my 5555th pageview, and my deviations have to be added to deviants favourites one more time to reach the 333 mark!

I'm glad you like my art:)

Thanks for all the support!
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Can I trust my eyes?

How could such people be deviant artists? Why don't they ban them immediately?


Wird auch für Leute interessant sein, die sich nicht ausschließlich der "weltraumkunst" (spaceart :D ) gewidmet haben!
Viel Spass!…
Within just two months my page got another thousand visits!
Thank you for that!


Now some advertisement: is a very promising project which offers beginners the possibility to receive professional critiques, to acquire new brushes, to have a look at some exclusive tutorials and to take part in workshops and challenges.

join the base -->

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Hey, then, my profile was visited 3000 times....
Hehe ust visit it once more and it will be OVER 3000 pageviews :o

Thanks ^^
Hey, i just don't have the time to thank you for every comment you gave me, everytime i was added to someone's watchlist and for every favourite you awarded me with.


Thanks to everyone!
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1,987  Pageviews :o
Soon, it will be 2000, yeah!
Thanks so much :>
(Especially to those who always gave me advice)


By the way 1987 was my date of birth. May that be a good omen?
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I was tagged by celerayted

The rules :
1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts
4. At the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

1 I love my intuos 3
2 I got over 1k pageviews though there is nothing really interesting yet
3 I never consumed drugs
4 My eye colour is blue
5 I'm addicted to Square/Enix games
6 I never miss The Simpsons
7 I want to win contests i haven't participated in
8 I don't like dust :!

I tagged
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just wanted to say


.....and (german people): VISIT MATTE DIMENSION :)
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there are some people who should be watched more often: beautiful photos stunning artworks funny pictures

ill update this journal from time to time =)
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Juhuu, die 30er-Marke ist geknackt^^

Um 14:50-->Vorbereitungszeit-->mündl. Prüfung
Ab 16:10 ist das Schauermärchen Mariengymnasium zuende...
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Juhuu, ich habe über 20 Beobachter =)

Danke Leute!
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Es ist so weit, ab heute öffnet Matte Dimension, die erste deutsche Mattepaintingcommunity ihre Pforten!

Da wir die Eröffnung nicht weiter verschieben wollten werden wir vermutlich noch einen tag mit einem alternativ-Style auskommen müssen. Das soll euch jetzt aber keinesfalls davon abhalten, euch zu registrieren ;)

Hier gehts zum Forum: www.futureworld.shoppersworld.…

MfG Andrej